Winning Better - Leveling Up on Your Gaming Chair

Got everything the perfect rig and got your hands on the PlayStation 5/ Xbox series X. However, if you can’t wait to play it, but the thought of getting back in the chair is making you wince, then perhaps it is time to take it to the next level and look for a new chair…. What should you look for…

A quick scan through Twitch, find the coolest looking gaming chair, image search it, and then stick it in your cart. Job done, 300-400 dollars to the bad. But hold on, whether you are in a pro-gaming team practicing for winning a slice of the $34m prize pool at The International: DOTA2 or chilling out after a hard day what makes a good gaming chair? A gaming chair or a chair for gaming?


The Racing Chairs

Let's face it a jet black racing chair replete with colorful accents looks pretty epic. These are the kind of chairs that tell your Twitch followers you are going places, but if the only place you are going is the chiropractor, then maybe it’s time to level with yourself and have a rethink.


There are some great chairs out there but be careful, make sure whatever chair you choose supports your back and keeps you comfortable for marathon sessions. After all bucket-style racing chairs are designed to keep drivers immobile when tearing around a track. Unless you have some really next-gen. haptic feedback the G-force is slightly less when you are gaming and you probably want a bit more movement.


Ergonomic Chairs

They don’t have to look like something out of a 90s legal drama. Ergonomic chairs might not have the cachet of a racing chair but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good. They have come a long way. But crucially they can be comfortable and offer support to your whole body. These chairs are designed to adjust to support your back, neck, arms. The best have adjustable backrests and seat pans (base) that mean the chair fits you. Of course there is the added bonus (depends how you look at it) they can also double as chairs for work or study.



  • Lumbar Support

Whether you’re playing esports tournaments or "amiable" contests with friends, you going to want lumbar support. So what’s best: pillows, built-in, adjustable? Everyone is different but some gamers find that the pillows have a tendency to move which can be distracting. Ergonomic chairs often come with built-in support that, unlike many gaming chairs, are adjustable to your height.


  • Breathable Material

If you like to get your sweat on when you are playing the Last of Us, feel the heat in Fortnite or like to slide into your moves on Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate then a PU/PVC chair might be just the thing. If you prefer not to get lightly poached when you are playing, mesh may be more your scene.


Mesh can look a bit more minimalist but be surprisingly comfortable cooling and crucially molds to your body shape offering posture support. (Having said that some high-end gaming chairs now offer breathable PU.) You do still want padding but you're going to want firm padding on the seat pan(base) for maximum comfort.


  • Durable

Look for something that is built with quality materials and check to see that the chair is suitable for your height and weight.


  • Armrests

Ideally, you want adjustable armrests to suit you and your gaming style. Gaming Chairs without armrests might seem to give you more freedom but could lead to neck and shoulder fatigue.


  • Tilt lock and leg rest.

If you really want to kickback then you want a chair with the maximum tilt range and a variety of lock options. Changing your seating angle can ease the strain on your back. And if you need 5 mins then foldout the footrest and recharge.


Everyone is different but when you are looking for a new gaming chair to let you play harder for longer comfort and ergonomic support have to come first followed by value, adjustability, and suitability for you and your gaming.

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