What’s a 24hour Chair?

Well, what it most certainly isn’t is an invitation or instruction to sit for 24 hours. As just about every doctor will tell you take regular movement breaks. What it is, is a chair designed to accommodate the myriad of demands that cascade onto you throughout the working day.

Whatever the task or the movement, these chairs are designed to help you maintain a neutral position and support your body weight. At the same time, they promote good posture. 24hour chairs incorporate special features that allow you to remain comfortable and healthy even when you are sitting for long periods.

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So, what are the characteristics of a 24hour chair? That depends on the creative licence, of the company advertising them. However, below are some of the things you should expect from a 24hour chair.


Back up

Quality Mesh Seat-back
The seat-back would usually be covered in a firm, durable mesh that offers breathable, comfortable support. The mesh should have enough tension to resist slouching, enough elasticity to maintain its shape, but enough give to allow you to feel comfortable throughout the day.

A quality mesh also helps to keep you at a comfortable temperature to help prevent you from sweating as if you’ve just run 5 miles and sweated a gallon.

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Adjustable Lumbar Support
Experts suggest you should try to regularly shift your position. The more flexibility your chair has the more chance you have of receiving support where you need it.


A Solid Base To Build On

Adequate padding
The base should offer a firm cushioning that allows you to sit comfortably even when the dreaded Monday Morning Meeting has illegally annexed lunchtime and is encroaching into the territory of Monday afternoon.


5D Adjustable Armrests
Whether you are typing, making a particularly animated phone call, or taking a break to do the latest TikTok dance with your niece over zoom, armrests should be by your side not in your way. The armrests should be able to move vertically to the optimum height to prevent shoulder fatigue and support your forearms and wrists. They also need to be able to move at through at least 180° horizontally. We carry out a variety of tasks during the working day and being able to rest your arms or have the freedom to move, affects how smoothly you transition through your workflow.

(Eazeechair S8 Plus)


Tilt And Lock
If you find yourself stuck to your desk for hours at a time, the chances are you are going to want to kick back without doing a backflip. A good 24hour chair should allow you to adjust to the demands of the day. Whether you are leaning back to make a call or tilting forward spurred on by inspiration creating a deal closing presentation.

(Eazeechair M5)


A Place To Rest Your Head
A high backed chair is great and offers a lot of support to your spine, but your spine doesn’t stop at your shoulders. If you are going to spend long hours seated, you really need a chair that you can lean on when you need to.

(Eazeechair S5)


Adjustable Headrest
As the World Economic Forum says, we have found ourselves working longer and longer hours over the pandemic. So you need a chair that is working as hard as you are. If you are able to adjust the headrest up and down, backwards and forwards, you can help ensure your neck is supported regardless of the activity. This can help reduce fatigue. What’s more, it can increase productivity by allowing you to stay focused for longer.

(Eazeechair M3)

Right, now a quick quiz… We wouldn’t do that to you! The advent of the 24hour chair has helped many office workers to stay healthy despite increasing workloads and longer days. If you find your working day has gotten longer it might be something worth looking into.

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