What are the Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs?

If there is one thing we have learned from all these months working from home; it has to be we really aren’t built for sitting. Something that is reflected in the studies that show, internet searches for back pain increased last year. The number of people seeking treatment for neck, wrist and back pain also saw a rise according to TeleMed company MDLIVE.

(Goodpath Medical Team, 2021)

What can you do about it?

Well, exercise is a key one. But what if you can’t do a full-on HIIT session during your client meetings? What if the beads of perspiration from an online spinning class aren’t conducive to collating last months sales figures? What if Kyle, ‘ that guy ’ from marketing who won’t shut up about Peloton, has put you off exercise for life?

Fear not, there are other weapons in the armoury. Today we are going to have a look at the health benefits of Ergonomic chairs. And as for the last problem, we recommend the mute button or a strategic wifi outage.

This might sound a bit of a wild claim. Ok, they look pretty cool, and they make you feel a lot like you should  be on the bridge of the SS Enterprise getting orders from Cpt. Kirk, but can they really improve your health?

(ChairOffice, n.d.)
Well, given that a high-quality ergonomic chair has been designed to support the three natural curves in your spine(cervical, thoracic and lumbar.) with adjustable lumbar and head supports the case is looking pretty strong. Add to that a blend of fibres to provide firm support that moulds to your spine. Finally, a series of engineering innovations reduce the weight-bearing on any part of your body and promote a neutral position. It sounds very much like the outcome is going to be affirmative. Nonetheless, to answer that question we’ve collated some advice from some sources much wiser than ourselves.

Good Posture

Let’s start with the most important one. A good quality ergonomic chair is not a passive piece of furniture. Unlike Steve from purchasing who is just gathering dust and hoping for early retirement. It actively works with your body to promote good posture. Over time this allows you to strengthen the muscles that help you maintain it. What are the benefits of good posture?

(Reali, 2019)

Surprisingly, we can’t say it any better than the gifted team at Harvard Health. They tell us good posture improves appearance, enhances general health and helps protect against back pain. Conversely, poor posture increases the chance of back pain  as well as negatively affecting abdominal organs. It also potentially hinders breathing thus affecting mood and causing headaches.

Reducing The Chance Of Back Pain

As the UK’s National Health Service(NHS) point out, being able to adjust the chair so that it supports your back is a must  for a healthy back. In particular, they recommend one that is adjustable with a tilt function. Lamentably, not features that come as standard on the average sofa or dining chair.

Help Prevent Joint Pain

The sagacious crew at Mayo Clinic inform us that an ergonomic chair at the correct height combined with proper equipment spacing can reduce joint pain.

Guard Against Wrist And Forearm Pain.

Back across the pond again. The NHS say that adjusting your chair and armrests to the right height can help limit the possibility of repetitive strain injury.

Improved Circulation

In our metaphorical trans-Atlantic advice tennis match, the ball is firmly in the court of the Mayo clinic who let us know that better posture leads to better circulation. Ergonomic chairs with their waterfall edge on the base, specially designed padding and seat base that distributes weight all  help to prevent numbness.  Features that are complimented by the tilt action  which lets you alleviate pressure and change position easily. Meaning you  will never again have to drag a numb leg behind you to the water cooler like you are trying to dispose of a cadaver in the dead of night.


Improved Self-Confidence.

According to studies done at Ohio State, good posture can lead to better self-confidence. A point that cannot be a bad thing unless you’re Kyle from marketing. ( All persons are fictitious and any resemblance to Kyles/Steves living or dead is entirely coincidental.)

If we had you at “on the bridge of the SS Enterprise” then sorry you had to wade through the rest of the article. Hopefully, this has helped to answer whether ergonomic chairs have health benefits. From where we are sitting it seems if making such a small effortless change can bring so many potential benefits, then definitely put us down for one.

(Lenexworld, 2021)


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