What is sync tilt?

If Synchro-Tilt is one of those features you have seen listed but never got around to Googling. Then let's save you the trouble.

In essence, Synchro-Tilt does what the name suggests. It means that for every two degrees your seat back reclines; your seat pan(base) will follow by one degree. Keeping your feet closer to the floor and in a comfortable position while your seat back smoothly and silently reclines.

                                         (Shohan, n. d.)       


What are the benefits of Synchro-Tilt?

The first reason is health. Synchro-Tilt allows you to gently elongate your torso which helps the circulation in your legs. Another fantastic benefit is it lets you change positions, shift weight, alleviate tension and reduce the pressure on your spine.

 As a rule of thumb,( for want of a more anatomically appropriate phrase) the more you alternate between healthy positions, the better it is for spine health.



Can I “switch off” Synchro-Tilt?

Absolutely. While it is a fantastic innovation that can help you glide through a long working day, there may be situations when it is not appropriate. For those moments, you can engage the Tilt-Lock to maintain the chair in an upright or reclined position.



Synchro-Tilt helps smooth transitions from one task to another, allowing free-flowing movement from one position to the next. Best of all, it contributes to minimising pressure on key areas and alleviating tension. A great innovation that helps you feel like you are floating on air while keeping your feet on the ground. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)




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