Introducing S8 Plus

If like us you have used and enjoyed the comfort and support of the S8 till now, then, you might, like, us ask why did it need an update? The S8, had even helped to straighten out the sloped shoulders and constant curve in our necks that had meant even at the most boring of dinner parties no one felt the need to ask what we did.

We may as well of had-blogger, tattooed on our drooping heads. When they asked us to look at the upgrade of the S8 we had our reservations. Upgrades have all too often been the sickly twin of the already pretty peaky sequel. And we can all think of some pretty awful sequels. The much-maligned upgrade has had its name slightly sullied by the constant and inconvenient software updates of the early-mid2000s. From 2008 you could have a very reasonably priced 500-1000 dollar ride on the annual excitement and disappointment merry-go-round that was the latest iteration of your favourite phone.

But some upgrades just get it right, and this looks to be one of those occasions. The design team sat down with the customer service team, your feedback and an unhealthy quantity of energy drinks. After considerable debate, they rose possessed and scribbled away on the walls of the meeting room; like a brilliant but flawed scientist in an Oscar-winning biopic. Only emerging when the air was thick with the scent of inspiration, and the office needed a heavy Fabreeze.

Then they road-tested the S8. Putting through the office pentathlon, bounced, spun, typed, called, met and stretched back ( more than the boss would like). The result,  the kind of tweaks that are worthy of a podium finish.


Extra-large Headrest

The demands of the working day can be immense. So, you need a headrest that is equally adaptable and durable. The larger dimensions mean your head is supported no matter what task you are undertaking and the mesh gives you the breathability to keep you comfortable whatever the conditions. Boost your study or work performance by eliminating the need for those distractions. Be they a stretch or the frightening neck cracking breaks. You know the ones that look like you are challenging Bruce Lee to mortal combat. Anything that can save you from that kind of misunderstanding has to be a worthwhile investment.


Personalized Back Support

None of us is the same, so a quality ergonomic chair should be able to adapt to your needs. We got your back; the adjustable lumbar support delivers the best possible support to exactly where you need it.


Armrest Flexibility

Whether you are working or gaming, there is no greater comfort than relaxing into the arms of the height-adjustable armrests. Equally, there is nothing more annoying than being hemmed in by a friendly bearhug. So, the easy to adjust, ergonomic armrest can move through 270, To give you the freedom to work and the support to complete tasks effortlessly.


Full-featured Mesh Seat

The design teams marathon session meant they worked through the panoply of chair yoga positions. They added seat depth adjustment and forward tilt functionality so that the S8 Plus can adjust to your task, your body posture and the needs of the hour. Whether it be the reluctant prelude to the working day or the 18th-hour zoom call to another time zone.


Advanced Tilt Mechanism

Speaking of yoga, DONATI's advanced tilt mechanism gives you the flexibility to tilt the chair in 5 different positions making the S8 the veritable Yogi of ergonomic chairs. Letting you lean into the changing demands of your daily workflow.


Mute Casters

There is nothing more irritating than listening to colleagues skate across the office floor. Thankfully, the nylon mute wheels roll smoothly on any surface. Thus, avoiding the danger of any passive-aggressive, mumbled comments, or after hours chair sabotage, from exasperated colleagues. There is nothing more galling than sliding balletically across the front room, executing a beautiful 9.0 half turn and dismount, to reach a file only to turn back to see not an adoring crowd but a dirty black tyre track across your favourite rug. Luckily, those design boffins thought of that. These wheels are safe on any surface. As an added bonus, the non-slip and durable, sturdy caster base helps reduce pressure on your lower limbs. Meaning that you could probably sit in comfort all day. But please, see just about every blog we have written to see why; even with this Rolls Royce of a chair, you should still get up, every, now and then.


Breathable and Ergonomic

We have all been there this year, enthralled and engaged in a conference call that seems eternal. Praying for Zoom to cut out due to the 'internet' or the act of a merciful god. If you haven’t done the frozen zoom face and wished you could mute the cat, you are better people than I am.

But for those occasions when that just isn’t possible and you have to grin and bear it. It helps to have the kind of chair that can promote good posture and allow air circulation to prevent you from sticking to or squelching off your chair at the end of the call. The S8 has this base covered too.


If you want to share the worst sequel you have ever seen with us we'd be happy to add it to our list of must not watches. Thankfully, the team in design have come up with an update that is a firm contender for the Hall of Fame not the Hall of Shame. The S8 an upgrade that in this strangest of Olympic years deserves a near perfect 10.

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