If you have looked at office chairs and seen the stately looking pictures or glanced at the imperious price tags of some of them, and decided this is not for you at the moment. Then you might be able to console yourself with two facts :

1. There are actually, some extremely reasonable options available.

2. Alternatively, there are some pretty passable short-term DIY hacks. 

If you have searched yourself you might have found some that are downright wacky and others that are frankly dangerous. We can’t claim the credit for any of these much more workable hacks. Here is a collection of a few of them:


The Standing Desk

The ironing board table combo, is a marriage made in… a crazy weekend in Vegas, but one  that somehow stands the test of time. (Pun rather ashamedly intended.)  As long as you are careful not to press the quick release lever, this setup allows you to slowly and carefully raise and lower your entire set up. Letting you switch between standing and sitting without all the hassle of moving everything to a higher/lower surface.  If, however, you are looking for a more stable and hassle-free option—standing desk.

If ever there was a solution for our times this could be it, because an ironed shirt and loungewear pants are just so passé.

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The lumbar support

If ever there was a practical workaround this is it!

A rolled-up towel seems to be preferred over a cushion as it can be rolled up to fit your Lordosis. Don’t get carried away, this should, as the name suggests, support the natural curve of your back. Be sure to secure it so that you don’t need to keep re-rolling it.


The Footrest

This may sound like a new level of indolence, resting your tired feet after a few hours sitting down, but if your chair isn’t the right height, then it is highly recommended.

One clever solution that really caught our fancy was a foot hammock. Who doesn’t love the idea of a hammock at work?

  1. Take a hand towel/scarf.
  2. Fold over the last 1.5- 2 inches and sew.
  3. Thread a thick piece of string through this pocket.
  4. Attach to each end of the desk. ( Using hooks capable of supporting the applied weight.) 
  5. Attach the hammock to the hooks at the appropriate height.

    Alternatively, a balance board or mini-football/basketball, inflated or deflated to measure, can help you to kill two birds with one stone. If figurative avicide is your thing then this hack allows you to keep your feet at a comfortable height and encourages you to change position. Something that is highly recommended.


    The Ergonomic Chair

    This might end up being like a confused failed Hollywood prequel/sequel that no one ever really wanted anyway. The trouble is a quality ergonomic chair covers so many bases, it’s the Yogi Berra of office furniture.

    Part 1- Improvised

    Lumbar support

    See above

    Seat Base

    Ideally, you are looking for cushioning that offers support for your long hours seated but not so soft as to encourage poor posture. A memory foam pillow might be an option. 



    The best we could come up with, without resorting to a range of power tools and a trip to E.R. was the tried and tested neck support pillow. There are a number of very clever videos online showing you how to sew your own. If you are this dextrous we can only salute you and invite you to share pictures of your creative genius with us.

    Part 2- Assembled

    Lumbar/padded backrest pillow

    As mentioned in previous articles while the backrest should be comfortable, it should be firm enough to support and even promote good posture.

    Seat base

    There are a range of cushioned base options the better among them can, to some degree, also promote good posture. 

    ( You need to make sure the cushions are securely fastened. If they are not in the correct position, they might not have the desired benefit.)


     (Clip-on/ screw-on/ headrest)


    As long as you can find one with just the right dimensions and keep it in place, this can be quite a good option for resting your weary head. If you have a high-backed chair, you might be able to pair it with a neck support pillow. Thanks to our love of comfort while driving, you should be able to pick up one of these quite easily.

    This article is a Smörgåsbord of options for those amongst us who embrace ingenuity and have the time and patience to make it work. Alternatively, you could browse our suggestions of ergonomic chairs under $350.


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